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Gothic Bump Of Chicken.
Gothic Alen Mukovic.

File Size (Mbyte) Date/time Length (Hour, Min, Sec) Bitrate (kbps) Channel (mono/stereo) Sampling frequency
Gothic.mp313.604.08.01 23:03:230:11:24160M44
Wonderwall.mp338.004.07.10 19:04:051:19:13 64M44
Unrest By The Light Of The Moon.mp313.504.07.24 18:46:160:11:18160M44
L A.mp313.304.08.14 19:15:470:11:09160M44
Rezarta Shkurti Mp3.mp335.304.07.17 21:08:250:49:05 96M44
Michael Jackson Stranger In.mp313.504.08.07 19:33:230:11:17160M44
Il.mp313.504.05.29 20:03:230:11:16160M44
Hot Line.mp313.804.05.15 19:49:300:11:31160M44
Die Happy Supersonic Speed.mp313.504.04.24 21:26:570:11:18160M44
Alias.mp314.404.09.14 05:09:320:12:04160M44
Sauerlandlied.mp313.504.05.01 20:46:430:11:16160M44
Aahsayein.mp313.704.09.25 22:25:220:11:28160M44
Enya.mp313.504.08.29 07:05:370:11:17160M44
Double Deejays.mp313.204.01.06 03:04:490:55:20 32M22
Murdeldolls.mp313.504.04.11 04:38:100:56:19 32M22
Rezarta Shkurti.mp313.504.04.18 08:11:070:11:19160M44
Wonderwall.mp336.204.06.19 20:16:411:15:36 64M44
Onoken.mp313.504.08.21 18:48:480:11:17160M44
I Ve Never Known.mp313.204.09.05 04:19:260:11:03160M44
Koma.mp311.904.09.19 10:35:490:09:59160M44
Fergie.mp313.504.10.11 20:01:410:11:18160M44
Bitlis.mp312.804.10.03 18:00:530:10:42160M44
20th Century Boy.mp3 5.601.09.12 11:14:260:05:51128S44

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Gothic Voici La Mort.